mother's day at graffeo chiropractic clinic

A Thank You to Moms Sealed With a Red Rose

“Moms are the backbone of the family. They provide so much support and inspiration. My wife’s dedication to our family and our chiropractic practice has helped both to thrive,” said Dr. Joseph Graffeo.

In addition to all of our patient who are moms, Dr. Graffeo and Dr. Joseph would like to honor the women in their lives who have made it possible to grow, learn and love:

Dr. Jyoti Smith, wife and partner to Dr. Joseph Graffeo and mother to Dr. Joseph Graffeo. Dr. Smith is a chiropractor herself, who managed the practice and her family for many years.

Khou Graffeo, wife to Dr. Joe and current clinic manager. She is mother to their daughter Abigail, who lightens the whole family with sunshine.

Dr. Jyoti Smith, Dr. Joseph & Khou Graffeo, and their daughter Abigail

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