Getting to know the Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic

Getting to know the Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic

About Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic

Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic was founded in 1979; however, the clinic hasn’t always had the same name. Before the clinic was called Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic, it was named ParkView Chiropractic Center. Dr Graffeo’s son joined the team in 1999 and worked in almost every department of the business including Reception, X-ray Tech, Chiropractic Assistant, Massage Therapy, Billings, and Management. Dr Joseph enjoyed working at the clinic and with patients so much that he decided to become a chiropractor himself. After he graduated from the University of Western States, he joined his father as a chiropractor at the clinic in 2011.

Getting to know the Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic

At that point, the clinic was renamed Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic with both father and son on staff. The name later evolved to Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic. Dr Michael Malone later joined the team which completed the current list of chiropractors on staff.

Getting to know the Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic


The clinic treats people from many cultures with a wide range of conditions from auto accident injuries to general health issues. We offer an extensive range of services including spinal rehabilitation, physiotherapy, cold laser, vibrational plate, and massage therapy. Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic treats people of all ages, from newborns to great-grandparents, and often entire families, spanning several generations. Also, our staff is multicultural and speaks several different languages including Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Mien, Hmong, and Vietnamese. The clinic’s website is also in three different languages (English, Spanish and Russian) to better serve our clients.

Getting to know the Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic

Courtesy Consultation

The clinic offers a courtesy consultation for new patients which is an opportunity for you to get to know the chiropractor, tell him about your pain and a chance for him to recommend treatment options for you. The courtesy consultation takes about 30 minutes and is done with no initial cost to you. There are no strings attached and no follow-up spam or unwanted phone calls, whether you decide to continue with treatments or not. Our clinic believes that the best care begins with a strong relationship which is why we offer this courtesy consultation to new patients.

Walk-ins Welcome!

At many clinics, you are required to have an appointment in order to be treated, but that is not the case with Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic. Walk-ins are always welcome! So if you are in need of chiropractic care or you are interested in a new patient courtesy consultation and do not have an appointment, you can visit the clinic anytime during our normal business hours as walk-ins are always welcome.

The Clinic

The clinic offers a warm, clean and inviting atmosphere with beautiful earth toned colors to make new and existing patients feel relaxed and at home. You will be greeted by our friendly staff from the moment you walk through the door, and each staff member will always welcome you with open arms.

When you drive by the clinic you will notice the clinic’s new signage from our rebranding campaign in 2017. Our clinic also has a new, rebranded website for new and existing patients to browse and learn more about how chiropractic care can help you.

Getting to know the Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic
Getting to know the Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic

Visit The Clinic For Your Pain Treatments

If you are experiencing headaches, back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain, whether it has been an ongoing condition or a new condition from a car accident or work injury, contact Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic for a Courtesy Consultation. One of our knowledgeable chiropractors on staff can discuss your condition with you and recommend treatments that will help you get back to a normal, pain-free life.

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