Back Pain Relief From Your Graffeo Chiropractor

Get Back Pain Relief With Help From Your Chiropractor

Get back pain relief from your Chiropractor at Graffeo Accident & Injury Clinic in NE Portland, Oregon.

Back injuries can be complex, from a herniated disc to a muscle sprain or ligament strain. Injuries can be sudden – such as a car accident – or happen over time, such as a repetitive motion injury. Injuries can hurt the spine, the muscles in the back, or both. Back pain can also travel and cause pain in the legs, hips and thighs.

Chiropractors can help relieve pain caused by both the spine and back muscles. Spinal adjustment and other techniques not only relieve back pain, they help back muscles become stronger and more supportive.

Spinal Injuries

If the spine is injured, it can result in degenerated discs, herniated discs, bone spurs and vertebrae misalignment, known as subluxation:

Because back injuries usually result in the spine’s vertebrae becoming misaligned, your chiropractor will most likely manually adjust your spine to realign the bones.

Muscle Injuries

When you’re injured, it hurts to move. You will naturally move differently or stop doing certain movements to avoid pain. Your muscles learn this new position or way of moving and this decreases your function and movement. The muscles will no longer be engaged in a healthy way – in this case, supporting your spine properly.

Depending on your injury, the muscles in your back may be torn, or they may have decreased in effectiveness or grown weak and smaller in size (atrophied).

Your chiropractor may work on the muscles of your back to help them relax, or your chiropractor may stimulate them to re-engage and support the spine properly. Stimulating your muscles with proper movements and compression or contraction in a safe, effective way re-educates your muscles to support your spine. By retraining your muscles to support your spine, your back pain will be reduced or may disappear altogether.

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